Custom Orkut Comment Generator

You can use this generator to create colorful Orkut Comments. Use this generator to make your Orkut comments more interesting!!!
Click on the font size you want to use.  If you want, you can use different size text in your comment.
Color and Tags:
To color a word, click on the color tag BEFORE you insert the word, when you finish typing, click on the color end tag with /. For example:  Suppose you want to type in bold and yellow.  You must click on the following links before actually typing - [b][yellow] now click in the box right after the tag [yellow] and type   In the text area you will see [b][yellow][/yellow][b]. And your result will be If you want to change colors or styles at any time, click on [/yellow][/b] (or what ever color you used) then choose new colors and text decoration. Use as many colors as you want.
To Select All text in box just press CTRL+A and to Copy just press CTRL+C then paste in comment section by pressing CTRL+V.
Attention: Make sure to put spaces between words and make sure the cursor is at the end in the box each time before putting new text or clicking new buttons.

Text Decoration:

Bold [b] End Bold [/b] Italic [i] End Italics [/i] Underline [u] End Underline [/u] 

Font Size:

[Small] [/End Small] [Medium] [/End Medium] [Large] [/End Large] [X-Large] [/End X-Large]

Text Colors:

[orange] [/orange] [fuchsia] [/fuchsia] [gold] [/gold] [aqua] [/aqua]
[maroon] [/maroon] [green] [/green] [lime] [/lime] [gray] [/gray]
[yellow] [/yellow] [olive] [/olive] [blue] [/blue] [pink] [/pink]
[purple] [/purple] [silver] [/silver] [red] [/red] [teal] [/teal]
[violet] [/violet] [navy] [/navy]