UniversalSraps.com - Terms of Service

You are free to browse our website and use the codes on your profile, blog, or personal website. There is no charge for usage of any of the images on this site. There are just a few rules to follow to help keep this website free.

You are not allowed to redistribute codes or images found on this site if the link back is removed or altered, such as through your own "graphic codes" site. We also ask that you keep the link back to our site where ever you use our codes. If you would like to redistribute, please contact me  first. That simple link back to us keeps our services free and available. UniversalSraps.com is basically a free image hosting site and does not have a problem hosting images for you as long as you keep the link backs to our site.

Images Sent In For Use
You can email images for uploading with no fees. However, we ask that you keep the content appropriate. Do not send any porn, racial graphics, death pictures, or anything that is not legal to display in the United States. Please do not send graphics or images that are copyrighted material.

The images you upload will be screened and may be added to our collection of graphics, or may be edited and made publicly available to use.

All images sent in by visitors may be deleted at any time for any reason.

Removed Content
Occasionally, we may need to remove some content or graphics from our server. Common reasons are improper usage, abuse, inappropriate images, copyright infringement, or excessive bandwidth usage. The image removed may be replaced with a simple image stating, "Image Removed." The graphic may still be on the site but coded differently.

Last Updated: Sept 20, 2008